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NCDIR Staff Details

Indian Council of Medical Research
Name Designation Email ID
Dr. Prashant Mathur Director director@ncdirindia.org
Dr. Roli Mathur Scientist-E mathurr@ncdirinida.org
Dr. Sathya Prakash M Scientist-D sathya@ncdirindia.org sathyamanimunda@gmail.com
Mrs. F S Roselind Scientist-D roselind@ncdirindia.org
Dr. Sukanya R Scientist-D sukanya@ncdirindia.org
Dr. Meesha Chaturvedi Scientist-C meeshac@ncdirindia.org
Mr. K Vaitheeswaran Scientist-C vaitheeswaran@ncdirindia.org
Mrs. Priyanka Das Scientist-C priyankadas@ncdirindia.org
Mr. Sudarshan K L Scientist-C sudarshan@ncdirindia.org
Dr. Shakuntala T.S. Scientist-B shakuntala@ncdirindia.org
Mr. Sathish Kumar K Scientist-B sathish@ncdirindia.org
Mr. Vinay Urs K S Scientist-B vinay@ncdirindia.org
Dr. Debjit Chakraborty Scientist-B debjit@ncdirindia.org
Mr. V Raju Naik Scientist-B rajunaik@ncdirindia.org
Mr. Sreerama Technical Assistant sreerama@ncdirindia.org
Mrs. K R Chandrika Technical Assistant chandrika@ncdirindia.org
Mr. N Sureshkumar Technical Assistant suresh@ncdirindia.org
Mr. Monesh B Vishwakarma Technical Assistant monesh@ncdirindia.org
Mr. Stephen S Technical Assistant stephen@ncdirindia.org
Mr. Rahul Rajendra Koli Technical Assistant rahul@ncdirindia.org
Mr. N M Ramesha Administrative Officer ramesh.ao@ncdirindia.org
Mr. C Somasekhar Accounts Officer somasekharc@ncdirindia.org somasekharc.ncdir@gov.in
Ms. Kaveri Mohan Kumbhar Assistant kaveri@ncdirindia.org
Mrs. Latha V Lower Division Clerk latha@ncdirindia.org
Mr. Harish Siddaraju Lower Division Clerk harish@ncdirindia.org
Mr. M Rajendra Driver rajendrasumathi@gmail.com
Mr. D N Narayanswamy Multi Tasking Staff (General) dnnarayanaswamy@gmail.com
Mr. Yerram Harikumar Reddy Multi Tasking Staff (General) harikumarreddy147@gmail.com
Mr. J. Krishna Pratap V Multi-Tasking Staff(General) pratap4445@gmail.com
Mr. Prashnatha M. Multi-Tasking Staff(General) mkprashanth20@gmail.com
Dr. Baskaran S. Scientist – C drbasskaran@gmail.com
Dr. Akash Gajanan Prabhune Scientist – C prabhunesky@gmail.com
Mr. Anish John Research Scientist I anish@ncdirindia.org
Dr. Bhoomika Bajaj Bhalla Scientist – B bhoomikabhalla@gmail.com
Dr. Dharmappa.B Scientist – B dharesh13@gmail.com
Ms. R Janani Surya Scientist – B jananisurya92@gmail.com
Mr. Arumugam V Scientist – B arumugam.v6@gmail.com
Dr. Rajib Kishore Hazam Research Associate hazam3265@gmail.com
Dr. Kalyani Thakur Research Associate kalyani.neuro@gmail.com
Ms. Leena Kalla Scientific Officer leenakalla@gmail.com
Dr. Aaliya Kousar Senior Research Fellow sabaopath000@gmail.com
Dr. Sravya L Senior Research Fellow sravya154@gmail.com
Mr. Vijay Kumar D D Programmer vijay.d.daniel@gmail.com
Mr. Manju M Programmer manju.mmmit@gmail.com
Mr. Shivamurthy N Computer Programmer (Grade B) myselfshivamurthy@gmail.com
Mr. Guruprasad Yeshwant Naik Computer Programmer (Grade A) guruprasadn2@gmail.com
Ms. S. Gayathri Nayaka Computer Programmer (Grade A) nayakagayu1@gmail.com
Mr. Gangadhara K Computer Programmer (Grade A) gangamca143@gmail.com
Mr. Thambi Thurai B Computer Programmer (Grade A) b.thambithurai@ymail.com
Mr. Muneeswaran M Computer Programmer (Grade A) mnmunees3@gmail.com
Ms. Remya M Project Technical Officer (Social Worker) remya.madanan@gmail.com
Ms. Adithi Chandrasekar Project Technical Officer (Medical Social Worker) adithi1987@gmail.com
Mr. N Vinodh Statistician vinodhnallasamy@gmail.com
Ms. K. Kalaiarsi Project Technical Officer (Statistics) kalairasi28@gmail.com
Ms. Nifty Tomy Project Technical Officer (Statistics) niftytomy@gmail.com
Mr. Riyas M Project Technical Officer (Statistics) riyasm085@gmail.com
Mr. Thillai Govindarajan C Statistician thillairajan81@gmail.com
Ms. N Sathya Project Assistant (Statistics) nsathyalekha@gmail.com
Mr. Sandeep narsimhan Project Assistant (Statistics) sandeepsanpande@gmail.com
Ms. Shilpa Shaji Research Assistant shajishilpa9@gmail.com
Ms. Ashitha Dsouza Project Assistant ashidsouza94@gmail.com
Ms. Divya Tomy Project Assistant divya3tomy@gmail.com
Mr. Nanda Kumara N Project Assistant nandakumarwodeyar@gmail.com
Ms. Aparna Bharti Project Assistant aparnabharti17march@gmail.com
Ms. Merugu Lakshmi Priya Project Assistant priya.merugu1@gmail.com
Ms. Rinta Datsen Project Assistant rintapaul@gmail.com
Mr. Bhyregowda K Project Admin. Assistant bhyregowda55@gmail.com
Mr. Manukumar H. M. Project Admin. Assistant manukumar7111@gmail.com
Mr. Santosh Kumar Saini Project Admin. Assistant santoshsaini35@gmail.com
Ms. Srilakshmi. K. S Data Entry Operator (Grade B) sheethalshree17@gmail.com
Mr. Kafeel Ahmed T R Data Entry Operator (Grade B) trkafeelahmed@gmail.com
Mr. Siddesh H N Data Entry Operator (Grade B) siddesh675@gmail.com
Mr. M Sravan Reddy Data Entry Operator (Grade B) sravanreddy341@gmail.com
Mr. Nayakanti Raj Pavan Kumar Data Entry Operator (Grade B) rajpavan02@gmail.com
Mr. Atthuluri Prasad Senior Project Assistant (UDC) prasadatthuluri@gmail.com
Mr. Dontha Vasu Senior Project Assistant (UDC) donthaseenu1@gmail.com
Ms. A. Nivedha Kumari Data Entry Operator (Grade A) anivedha96@gmail.com
Mr. Mathan Data Entry Operator (Grade A) manmathan2106@gmail.com
Mr. Perarasan Data Entry Operator (Grade A) perarasana@gmail.com
Mr. Mohankumar N Data Entry Operator (Grade A) badrimohan1214@gmail.com
Ms. G Bhagyalakshmi Data Entry Operator (Grade A) bnkbhagya99@gmail.com
Mr. Munireddy N  Multi Tasking Staff munireddy.n83@gmail.com


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